5 Guinness World Records


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The World’s Largest and Greatest Scavenger Hunt

Every year during the summer, for several days, you can choose normalcy, you can choose humdrum, or you can choose to create head-turning spectacles that make the world spin brighter and break a Guinness World Record or two. I know, you’re torn.

Whether you register for the Hunt by yourself, as a team, or as a partial team, we’ll make sure you are on a complete team of 15 kick-ass hunters!

Each year GISHWHES donates tens of thousands of dollars to the charity Random Acts and perpetrates thousands of charitable actions around the world.

Testimonials from Participants:

"GISHWHES reawakened the part of me that finger painted as a child and laughed at my messes. I cannot remember the last time I felt this inspired and joyful.” -Jennifer Archer

"I've been banned from Wikipedia, beheaded a teddy bear, and glued an egg to my hand…Oh my God GISHWHES, why?"

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