Q & A


What is gishwhes?

g.i.s.h.w.h.e.s. (which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) is a 7-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins that you can compete in from anywhere in the world (even from your own home!).

Thousands of participants from more than 100 countries build their own teams with friends or are placed on 15-person teams (of new friends!) and for one week, through laughter, sweat and tears (of joy of course), they acquire Items on a fun, inspiring and sometimes jaw-dropping scavenger hunt list. The team that scavenges the most items with the highest quality of submissions joins Misha Collins on an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic locale. All the other teams walk away with a heightened perspective on their capabilities, and memories of an amazing week. Prior Winners journeyed to Rome, a haunted castle in Scotland, an island off the coast of British Columbia, and a pirate ship in Croatia. This year the Winning Team will be joining Misha Collins in Hawaii for stars, surf and space adventures! (we’re not sure what this is, but pictures will be posted!).

So what exactly is it?

It’s basically a week-long scavenger hunt where we present Hunters from all over the planet a list of fun, wild, amazing and kind tasks to create or accomplish. You can complete many of these tasks at home or you can go out into the world  to complete them – it’s up to you!

But you’re not completing them alone! You will be part of a team of 15 people. During registration, you can either invite friends to build a team or we can join you into an amazing team of other individuals – most of our registrants choose this route to make new global friends.

When we post the list on August 5th, your team would divvy up and accomplish these tasks (we call them “items”) over the course of 1 week. They include making incredible crazy art, performing crazy acts, and partaking in heart-warming community service projects. Once you complete a task you either photograph or video it (we tell you which on the item list) and upload a link to it on our site. You receive “points” for every item you accomplish. The team with the most points by the end of the week gets to join the Founder of the Hunt, actor Misha Collins, to some exotic location for an all expenses paid trip.

Many of the participants claim the Hunt is a life-changing experience that either pulled them out of their shell and completely changed their lives, or drove them insane… many others say it’s simply a great way to spend a week of their summer (or winter for those Gishers on the other half of the planet).

Whatever the case, come Gish with us!


What’s it like to participate in gishwhes?

All you need is a camera (mobile phone will do!), access to the Internet, and the desire to be part of an amazing global community. As part of a global team of 15 players – you can form a team on your own with friends (and you don’t need 14 other friends – you can form a partial team and we’ll build out the rest of your team with other players), or, if you want to make new friends, we can group you in an amazing team (if you don’t want to form a team yourself) at the end of registration.

On August 5th, we will post a crazy, wild and kind task list of things for everyone to do. There are some items that you need to find, and others that you must create. Accordingly, a team can be comprised of individuals who love to get out there and mix it up in the world as well as those that are more comfortable in their own house “creating items”.  You will for sure gain new friends (online and offline), become more creative, more outgoing, and likely never look at food the same way again. And through our kindness items, you also will do some pretty great things for yourself and your community.

You then work with your team and divvy up the item list based on what each of you want to do. Then you go do it and then upload the results (images or videos) on our website for points. After the Hunt is over, our judges and Misha go through all of the submissions and add bonus points (for extra awesome items) and sometimes deduct points (for items where individuals may have cheated). Misha then appoints and anoints the winning team and takes them somewhere spectacular and exotic for an all-expenses paid trip. Past trips have been to a haunted castle in Scotland, Rome, and a pirate ship in Croatia. This year the Winning Team will be joining Misha Collins in Hawaii for stars, surf and space adventures!

I want to join! How do I do that?

If you’ve never participated in gishwhes before, go to Register and you’re on your way! If you have participated since 2013, sign in and register again for this year’s hunt.

Do I need a team to do gishwhes?

Nope! Many of our participants join as individuals and then we form them into teams. People join gishwhes for the game, but also for the social aspect – everyone makes new friends.

Here’s how it works: when you join as an individual you can then either invite your friends to join you on a team, or you can wait until registration closes and we can join you onto a team of amazing global hunters that will instantly become your new best friends, leaving all of your other so-called friends in the dust.

If you want to build your own team, you don’t need to find 14 other friends if you don’t want to. You can form a partial team (with as many friends as you can convince to join) and then we will fill it out with other team members at the end of registration.

How can I make sure my friend and I are on the same team?

You’ll have to create a team and have your friend join (it’s okay if you’re just a team of two!), or you can both join someone else’s team together.

What if I don’t have 15 people on my team?

Not a problem at all! If you create a team with fewer than 15 members, no worries! We will add the best people to your team after registration closes. So if you only have 3 friends that you’ve invited and who have joined, we’ll add 11 new friends after registration closes.

Can we merge two existing teams?

Sure! All members of one team must resign and join the other team before registration ends. (There’s a resign link at the bottom of your team page.)

Do all of my team members have to be in one location?

Nope, we’re all about being international at gishwhes. In fact all of our winning teams so far have been made up of members from different countries. You can scavenge harder when you’re working with different time zones.

That being said, many teams (runner-ups and otherwise) have been comprised of friends in the same locale that want to spend a week together doing fun, meaningful and wild things.

You can also use friends that aren’t registered to help you. Many members are part of an international team but invite friends (who don’t want to participate in the full hunt) to help them with certain items.

It’s all up to you!

Is the registration fee per person or per team?

Each person must pay the registration fee (or receive a paid invitation or gisholarship) separately and join the team.

Is there an age limit?

For liability issues we’ve been told we can only allow individuals that are 14 years or older to officially register and participate in the Hunt. This doesn’t mean your children can’t help you with items if you wish – they just couldn’t go on our grand prize trip if they won. Our experience is that whole families join in on the fun and mayhem. Please see our Rules and Regulations for full details on age restrictions as minor consents is required in some cases and some ages cannot go on the Grand Prize trip without their legal parent or guardian in attendance.

Can I upgrade my registration tier later, and how long do I have to do that?

Yes! You can upgrade at any time (until you can’t) and pay the difference between the levels. Gishbot usually closes down the registration tier upgrade functionality shortly after the end of the Hunt. Misha’s advisor (a.k.a. “Babysitter”) Miss Jean Louis makes the choice on the final date.

When does registration end?

The exact date is yet to be determined, but it’ll be sometime in July.

When will I receive the items I paid for during registration?

We typically send out these items with the shwag shwop items, around November.

Can I submit an item idea/suggestion for the Hunt?

We’ll ask for item ideas on social media close to next year’s hunt start date, so please hang on to them until then!

Can I volunteer for gishwhes?

Thank you for wanting to! When we need volunteers we’ll recruit on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so keep an eye on those. At some point, after yesterday, information will also be forthcoming about how to join FEGVEP, our First Ever gishwhes Volunteer Extraordinaire Program.



GISHPOINTS are explained at this page!

I should have received some GISHPOINTS but I don’t see them?

We will award GISHPOINTS at a later date. Much like deserts, they’ll be worth the wait. (And yes, we do mean deserts; the kind with sand and camels.)

If I have multiple accounts, can I transfer my GISHPOINTS from one to another?

There is currently no way to transfer GISHPOINTS from an existing account to a new one, but that’s not to say there never will be. Which is not to say there will be.


I was granted a gisholarship and now it’s asking me to pay?

So sorry about this! It’s a bug and we are working on it. Please don’t do anything for now!

The site won’t let me login!

Please be sure you’re using your username, not your email address. If you can’t remember your username, send yourself a password reset email; it’ll contain your username as well.

I’m trying to pay by credit/debit card but it keeps telling me [insert weird error].

Sorry about the weird error! You can try PayPal; no need to have an account with them as they also process credit and debit cards.

I invited and paid for my friend but they haven’t received their email.

Maybe it got sent to their spam folder? If they can’t find it, you can always login, go to Paid Invites, copy the email text or just the link, and email it to them yourself without having to send it through our system.


I was granted a gisholarship and now it’s asking me to pay?

So sorry about this! It’s a bug and we are working on it. Please don’t do anything for now!

If I applied for a Gisholarship, can I join my friends’ team?

If you get accepted before registration closes, simply login, search for your friend’s team, and join it. If you get accepted after registration closes, you won’t be able to choose a team, unfortunately.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered here? Please email us! Use your own judgment and do as you see fit!