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gishwhes 2012 winners posing in scotland



This year we are implementing a series of prizes to reward the teams that scavenge the hardest:

1. Grand Prize: This prize is awarded to the team with the highest final score according to our judges. Remember, bonus points are awarded for better item submissions, so quality counts... The winning team wins a three-day, all-expense-paid trip to Vancouver, BC (Canada), where they will take a chartered seaplane to a majestic island and be joined by Misha Collins for fish stew, a séance, and something strange, exciting and Viking-related. In addition to the trip to Vancouver and any Viking "treasure" they find, members of the winning team will also receive the GISHWHES Golden Wooster Pendant. We only make 15 pendants every year. Wearing it will forever mark you as one of the Grand Masters of GISHWHES.

2. Runner-Ups: Several teams that really knock the judges' socks off will be Runner-Ups. These are the teams that scavenge so well we simply have to recognize their greatness. Teams that scavenge so-hard-they-almost-won-but-didn't will receive limited edition personalized GISHWHES medallions as well as a GISHWHES Screensaver and a certificate recognizing their greatness from Misha and the entire GISHWHES team.

3. Gish-Referrer Grand Prize: We are inviting one lucky person to join us on our Grand Prize Trip. All you need to do is participate in the Hunt and refer someone to join GISHWHES (which you will be able to do after you register). Did someone refer you? Enter their email during registration so they are eligible for the drawing, then invite your own friends so you can be in the drawing. If you've already registered, invite a friend.

4. GISHWHES Hall of Fame (GHOF): In the unlikely event that your amazing team doesn't walk away with the Grand Prize or a Runner-Up prize, you can still win big! For each of the more than 100 items on the list, our judges will select our favorite submission and put it in the GHOF! For example, if one of the items is: build a six-foot long syringe and use it to inject goose-feather-down into a Smart Car, and your team makes the best giant goose-feather-down syringe, your team name and the photo you submit for that item will be forever memorialized in the GHOF. What exactly is the GHOF, you might ask? We don't know (because we've been too busy getting this hunt together and making sand castles to figure that out), but we can tell you that it's going to be awesome and you will make everyone jealous when you get in there.

5. Coffee Table Book Each year, GISHWHES publishes a Coffee Table Book filled with images and videos of that year's hunt. If your item catches the eye of our coffee table book selectors as being artistic, funny, gross, or simply too weird not to display to the world, it will be displayed in the coffee table book that you can hand down generation to generation until your great grandchild receives it and marvels at the insanity of their ancestors. So make your submissions awesome to give your great grandkids something to scratch their heads at.

6. GISHWHES Participation Reward Simply participating in GISHWHES will change both you and the world around you. We don't necessarily mean for the better (although based on testimonials that's usually the case), but we promise you will be changed. What more of a prize do you need than this? We know, much more, so try for 1-5 above...

Congratulations 2013 GISHWHES Winning Team VaticanCameos!