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First Ever Gishwhes Volunteer Extraordinaire Program

We are launching FEGVEP: the First Ever Gishwhes Volunteer Extraordinaire Program.

Want to be part of FEGVEP? What? Why? Well, in addition to being a part of something dead cool and mixing with some of the wizards behind Gishwhes, there are a few other fun surprises. What are they? Sign up and find out. We've never had a Gisholunteer leave our wonderful realm. Join us!

Please note: all selected volunteers will get to participate in the Hunt as their item selection has nothing to do with participation or with judging.

GISHITEMIEWER - Gishwheshean Item Reviewer - for the Coffee Table Book, not for judging:
Job skills required: The ability to look at a computer, laugh, cry and be utterly confused. Not much different than what you're doing now. Want to see the images and videos before everyone else does? This is the job. You get to help pick the items for the coffee table book (with final items approved by Misha). SUBMIT A THREE SENTENCE PARAGRAPH ON WHY WE SHOULD PICK YOU. YOU MUST USE THE WORDS "PEANUT BUTTER", "MISHA" AND "AWKWARD" IN A LOGICAL WAY IN THIS PARAGRAPH. UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO THE FACT THAT SOME GISHWHESHEANS CHOOSE TO SEND IN INAPPROPRIATE PHOTOS, YOU MUST BE OVER 18 FOR THIS POSITION.

GISHANIZER - Gishwheshean Coffee Table Book Item Selecter Volunteer Organizers:
Job skills required: Imagine herding kale-cats. This will be your job. Actually you will simply be organizing the GISHITEMIEWERS (see above) and making sure their selections are filed in a way that makes it easy for our editors to compile them in the book. Please submit resumes detailing organizational/management experience. Please don't apply unless you've managed people (the more the merrier). Oh yeah, you have to be REALLY nice to all GISHWHES volunteers. We don't accept people who are mean, suck, or who are annoying. We also don't accept people with treble citizenship in Lithuania, Switzerland and Peru. You can have citizenship in one or two of those but not all three. We are offering two of these positions so you will likely have a partner in crime. You may submit as a pair if you wish or just submit as an individual. SUBMIT A RESUME/CV or TWO RESUMES/CVS IF SUBMITTING FOR YOUR FRIEND AS WELL.

GISHESIGNER - Gishwheshean Design/Gif Wizard:
Job skills required: The ability to alter images of Misha (or Gishwhes related graphics) into weird, funny or compromising positions, with Photoshop or similar image editing program. SUBMIT A SAMPLE OF A PHOTOSHOPPED IMAGE OR GIF THAT YOU CREATED (YOU MAY ADD DIALOGUE COPY IF YOU WISH) THAT INCLUDES MISHA, A DINOSAUR, AND A WOOSTER.