This is the VERY LAST gishwhes, so we’re closing out registration doing something BIG with Misha Collins and Nepal. Like 30 square miles big!

For the final weeks of gishwhes registration, we are partnering with the Rainforest Trust to help save roughly 20,000 acres of biodiverse, at-risk forests in Nepal. But we need your help.

Until the end of registration, for each new person that registers for gishwhes OR upgrades their registration package, donates a gisholarship, or gifts a registration to a friend, we will purchase and protect one acre of endangered Nepalese forest FOR ALL TIME. With your help, we hope to be able to save roughly 20,000 acres of Nepalese land and protect thousands of critically endangered animals from poaching, illegal logging, and deforestation. We’ve already protected over 11,000 acres through this effort, but this particular forest is a corridor that serves as a bridge between two other, already protected areas, making this region particularly vulnerable.

With your help, we can save it. Just register, gift a gisholarship, or donate and we can build the puzzle above to save the creatures! Let’s do this!


More than 90% of the local people are indigenous and need our support to safeguard these lands filled with wildlife and stunning, diverse microclimates including:

• Over 315 species of butterflies
• 43 reptiles species
• 16 kinds of amphibians
• 78 fish species

Some of the animals in this region are in great danger. This terrain is home to over a dozen endangered species, including the snow leopard (endangered), the red panda (endangered), and the Chinese Pangolin (critically endangered). We aren’t saying Porcupanda has a cousin who lives there. But we aren’t NOT saying that, either.


This incredible landscape is a mega-hotspot of biodiversity, as it was only recently opened to the outside world. A few major threats to this area include:

• Illegal logging for plywood
• Animal poaching of endangered species
• Massive road construction
• Deforestation of sensitive habitats