Merry #Gishmas & Happy All-idays!


  • Item 1. VIDEO. Dressed in your most festive gishmas attire or ugly holiday sweaters, go caroling with a group of at least 4 people through the aisles of an overcrowded retail store. Bring kazoos or homemade instruments to make it really, really enjoyable for the overworked retail workers. (Bonus points if you wear Dickensian attire.)
  • Item 2. IMAGE/VIDEO. The ghost of Christmas Presents.
  • Item 3. VIDEO. We’ve seen gingerbread houses, gingerbread landmarks, strip clubs, and even cathedrals… but what we haven’t seen much of is evidence of the Cookie Community’s civil defense program. That ends now. Build a working, edible Cookie Catapult entirely out of gingerbread & successfully catapult a gingerbread soldier into a glass of milk. Stick the landing for full points.
  • Item 4. IMAGE. Trees usually get all the bling at the holidays, but all-idays are way more inclusive! Create a festive, decorated street sign with wrapped presents around the base for those in need. (NOTE: Do NOT obscure any traffic or safety sign.)
  • Item 5. IMAGE. On Dec 30, at 12 PM your time, we’re having our annual All-iday party, and you’re invited! Don your all-iday apparel, then join us via Google Hangout & chat for a global all-iday party! Take a selfie of yourself holding up a card with a message of peace & love for gishers of the world to prove you were there in the room where it happened…
  • Item 6. IMAGE. Gwen Stefani claims she ain’t no challahback girl… prove her wrong. Bake a challah portrait of Gwen Stefani.
  • Item 7. IMAGE or VIDEO. They say it’s the presence, not the presents, that matter… But at gishwhes we say, “why not have both?” Gift wrap your favorite relative(s) or friend(s) as the gift you always, really want. (Use recycled gift wrap or previously used wrap so the other gift wraps don’t get jealous.)
  • Item 8. IMAGE. Gishers typically eschew traditions, but we’ll make an exception this time: it’s time for the annual all-iday stocking run! Fill holiday stockings with survival supplies (socks, water, food, mittens, etc) and hang them in a public space for those in need.
  • Item 9. IMAGE or VIDEO. Screw resolutions! 2018 is going to be a freeing year. You did one thing this year that you’d like to be absolved of… so destroy it, burn it, share your new year’s absolution with us!
  • Item 10. IMAGE. A Porg in a Portrait by Da Vinci! (courtesy Rachel Miner.)
  • Item 11. VIDEO. “I find your lack of gishmas spirit disturbing…” -Darth Vader. Please read the gishmas title crawl below for further instructions at your leisure:


  • Rule 1. Creativity is, as always, encouraged. Kindness is required.
  • Rule 2. All item submissions must be published as public social media posts using #Gishmas with the Item #. You have from now until December 30th at 8pm PST.
  • Rule 3. Item Interpretation. While as with the annual GISHWHES Hunt we prefer that you create items exactly as written, because it’s the all-idays we’re feeling generous. Liberal interpretations of items may be considered— as long as they are executed with utter brilliance and unrelenting aplomb.
  • Rule 4. Safety. You are not allowed to get hurt or arrested or get anyone hurt or arrested, as a result of participation in Gishmas.
  • Rule 5. Prizes. Will there be a prize? No. There will be many prizes. You could win one or more of these prizes. It will be random. Like us. As always. The more items you complete, the more entries you gain, but you can win only one, and it (along with the winner) will be chosen at random.
  • Rule 6. Participation. You may work in teams or complete items as an individual. However, each item will be judged independently, and prizes will be given to the account holder that is FIRST to post the winning submission. If you’re a part of a team, you may have to work out a time-sharing plan for your prize. No purchase, registration or common sense required in the pursuit of gishmas glory. This activity is open to everyone and a friend to no one.
  • Rule 7. BODY MODIFICATIONS. To maintain balance during the busy Gishmas all-iday season, you are not permitted to shave or left armpit or lower-right leg (but you must shave your knuckles if your middle name begins with the letter “R”). Other acceptable body modifications include spare tire expansion & regrettable late-night tattoos of the Gishmoose on your posterior.
  • Rule 8. GISHWHES HQ will not be held responsible for sorting out squabbles over prizes, who gets the tofurkey drumstick, or any other petty disagreements.
  • Rule 9. You can ask for clarification about an item on social media (but you may not get it).
  • Rule 10. Judging will occur on or about January 6. Or whenever we feel like it.
  • Rule 11. Rules. Rules may be updated or appended at any time for clarity’s sake or to cover the gazillion things we haven’t thought of yet. Or because you need them.
  • Rule 12. Have a happy All-iday & spread tidings of good cheer to everyone you meet. This is mandatory.
  • Rule 13. IMPORTANT NOTE: This gishmas is a pro-fruitcake alliday. If you find yourself in the presence of fruitcake, it’s your duty to act as a paparazzi & snap a selfie with the famed confection in the background.