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ITEM 94: TASK DELETED. A new item will be provided during the Hunt to replace this.

ITEM 212: TASK DELETED. A new item will be provided during the Hunt to replace this. Please see a message concerning West Collins on the Item List at this item.

ITEMS 26, 166, 183, 209: Slight but important content changes.

ITEM 67: Changed to “VIDEO.”


Youtube: Make sure you mark your Youtube videos as “unlisted”

IMGUR: if you have an album, mark it as “hidden” and if you’re uploading individual image, mark them as “Private” or “Unlisted.” If you’re still confused, see this: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/201746817-Image-and-album-privacy-explained-

Videos should be no longer than 14 seconds unless otherwise stipulated in the item description. It has come to our attention that The Commandments said Videos should be 15.7 seconds long. However, due to a recent abnormal variation in the price of buckwheat noodles in Addyston, Ohio, as of this date, we are no longer supporting Commandments that contain partial seconds and that have to do with video lengths.

Commandments Don’t forget to reread them. There are REALLY important ones like #24 (especially the last two sentences of this clause).

May I share my submissions during the Hunt on social media? Unless an item asks you to share it, do not share your submissions until AFTER the Hunt. If you are caught sharing submissions online, @gishbot will attack you and you may be docked points.

Excerpt of a recent email sent to Gishers from Miss Jean Louis that might be helpful:

How do I win gishwhes?

Do as many items as you can as best you can. It’s a combination of those two things. In the past, the winning teams have not completed the most items; they have completed many items, and many of those items have been amazing. They put thought and care into what they were creating or doing. They took the time to stage photos and videos with fun props and creative ideas. They made sure they did one extra step from what the item asked. Read an item and then ask yourself, “How can I do this in a way that will accomplish the item, but be different and better than all the other submissions? How can I do this item so that the judges will laugh, or say ‘wow!’”

Will I have to try to do ALL of the items?

No one has ever done them all – but you have to do the majority of them if you want to be in the running to win. But most people don’t do gishwhes to win – they do it to make new friends, bond with current ones, and have an amazing crazy week creating weird art and doing acts of kindness. There will be items you think will be fun and relatively easy. There will be items you think will be impossible. There will be items you don’t think you could ever do in a million years. Trust me (and thousands of former gishers) – you will be amazed at what you end up accomplishing. Some also just pick a few favorite items from the list for the week and do them REALLY well to try to get into our new gishwhes Hall of Fame, in our annual coffee table book, or highlighted on our social media channels.

What if I’m not getting along with someone on my team?

Take the high road – send them a digital kale bouquet. Try to get along with them and if you simply don’t see eye to eye, there are 13 other people on your team you can create with and enjoy. Remember, this isn’t about winning, it’s about… well, we don’t know what it’s about, but it seems to be doing good for people and the world so don’t lose sight of that.

gishwhes 2014 WINNERS!: TEAM IMPALA!!!
Congratulations on an amazing Hunt!

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