****The 12 DAYS OF GISHMAS****

To celebrate the Gishmas season, we’re inviting you to participate in a special 12 Days of Gishmas Hunt! (December 21st to January 1st 11:59 PM PDT)

Below is a Gishmas-themed list for you to complete over the next 12 days. Post your images and videos to Twitter or Tumblr tagged #MerryGishmas with the item number (example: #Item1) to play & help spread kindness & weirdness this holiday season (and win prizes, too – though we know you didn’t need that.)


1. Creativity is, as always, encouraged. Kindness is required.
2. Item Interpretation. While as with the annual GISHWHES Hunt we prefer that you create items exactly as written, because it’s the all-idays we’re feeling generous. Liberal interpretations of items may be considered— as long as they are executed with utter brilliance.
3. Safety. You are not allowed to get hurt or arrested, or get anyone hurt or arrested, as a result of participation in Gishmas.
4. Prizes. Will there be a prize? No. There will be many prizes. You could win one or more of these prizes.
5. Teams. You may work in teams or complete items as an individual. However, each item will be judged independently, and prizes will be given to the account holder of the winning submissions. If you’re a part of a team, you may have to work out a time-sharing plan for your prize.
6. During the 12 days of Gishmas you are not permitted to shave the left half of your mustache or lower-right leg (or left leg if your middle name begins with the letter “R”) chin.
7. Caroling. All Gishers must write an Alliday Carol to perform at the Gishmas party.
8. GISHWHES HQ will not be held responsible for sorting out squabbles over prizes, who gets the tofurkey drumstick, or any other petty disagreements.
9. You can ask for clarification about an item on social media (but you may not get it.)
10. Judging will occur on or about January 1.
11. Rules. Rules may be updated or appended at any time for clarity’s sake or to cover the gazillion things we haven’t thought of yet.
12. Have a happy All-iday & spread mandatory tidings of good cheer to everyone you meet.


Complete each item as listed on the Gishmas All-iday List.
-Upload your VIDEO submissions to Youtube. Make sure they are set to PUBLIC so everyone can see them.
-Upload your IMAGE submissions to Imgur. Make sure they are set to PUBLIC so we can see them.
-Submit your Item by posting to Twitter or Tumblr tagged #MerryGishmas #Item(Number). For example, for Item 1, Tweet the image or video tagged #MerryGishmas #Item1. Make sense? Good.
-All submissions must be posted before 11:59 PM PST on January 1, 2017.


1. IMAGE OR VIDEO. Decorate a tree at a park or green space with 100% animal-safe edible “decorations” (fruit, popcorn strings,seed treats, etc.) Leave small presents around the tree such as warm scarves, mittens & other things people in need might find useful.

2. IMAGE. Let’s make that awkward family holiday portrait REALLY awkward: each member of your family must cosplay as a different member of your family.

3. IMAGE. Fill all-iday stockings with basic needs & some goodies (socks, candy, water, hygiene supplies, etc) & hang them in a public place where you know there are people in need.

4. VIDEO. Perform a puppet show or dramatic reading of that timeless all-iday classic, A Gishmas Carol, for kids at children’s hospital or residents of a retirement community.

5. IMAGE. A fully decorated Christmas, tree completely under water, with a scuba-diving Santa delivering presents.

6. IMAGE. Baby, it’s cold outside! Let’s see a local statue wearing a garish “ugly” sweater.

7. IMAGE. On Dec 31 at 12 PM your time, we’re having a worldwide Gishmas party, and you’re invited! Coordinate with other Gishers in your area to meet up at the same bus stop where you celebrated International Find Another Gisher Day* this year. Don your alliday apparel, then come out and deck the stop with all-iday decorations, & cards for the commuters! Bring a treat to share and handmade gift to exchange, too. (If you didn’t go to Find Another Gisher Day, that’s OK! Coordinate with fellow Gishers at any bus stop. We’re feeling generous.)

8. IMAGE. All Gishers have of course heard of Simon Beck, the artist that creates amazing geometric art by walking through snow. Let’s see a massive portrait of your favorite Supernatural character or symbol in freshly fallen snow. (No snow nearby? Global warming never stopped a Gisher! Use sand instead.)

9. IMAGE. A fully decorated Gingerbread national monument.

10. IMAGE: A panhandling Santa or reindeer with a “Lost Job Due to Automation” sign, with a drone carrying a brightly wrapped present flying just overhead.

11. IMAGE. A massive holiday light display spelling out “GISHWHES” in letters at least 6 feet tall.

12. IMAGE: There’s somebody you know that will be spending the holidays alone (a neighbor, an individual in a senior care facility, etc.). Grab a friend (or go it solo) and put on your santa or elf hats, wrap a present that you think they would like or bake them something yummy and deliver it to them.