Gishbus: The most premium VIP Executive
Gishpoint Mobile Lounge In the World

Follow @gishbus on Twitter to find out where it's going on its journey and what it's seeing.


What is the Gishbus?
The Gishbus is a mobile executive luxury VIP experience and lounge unlike available exclusively for members of our premium Gishpoint Tiers.

The Gishbus was meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of our most elite gishwhes participants. The Gishbus has been in development for more than 11 years and is the product of an intensive collaboration between Misha Collins, a team of leading luxury multi-passenger vehicle designers, several airline executives a campground manager a music teacher and a psychic from Venice beach. The result? Come see for yourself, but we think it’s mobile luxury lounge perfection.

Remember, the Gishbus is reserved for exclusive use for our highest Gishpoint tier members and their guests.

It is reserved for exclusive use for our highest Gishpoint tier members and their guests.

How do I find out where the Gishbus will stop?
Follow @gishbus on Twitter to find out where it is, where it’s going or where it’s been. You can also find a map of the Gishbus’ past route and it’s current location on this page.

Who can access the Gishbus and its perimeter?
We reserve access to the gishbus for our esteemed Gishpoint members (and their guests) of any of the following tiers: GOLD, SILVER MEDALLION, SILVER, BRONZE ELITE, BRONZE, TURQUOISE EXECUTIVE, TURQUOISE, CLAY UPPERCLASS, CLAY, KALE PREFERRED, KALE, FUNGUS CHOICE, FUNGUS, VAPOR SELECT, VAPOR. We also offer access to Gishers who qualify after completing certain charitable tasks. Follow @gishbus to see what charitable tasks are offered for temporary tier-status upgrades to gain access to the Gishbus.

Please note, not all of these tiers and not all members can access ALL of the compartments of the Gishbus. There is a VVIP section available only to gishpoint holders who have attained GOLD, SILVER MEDALLION, SILVER, BRONZE ELITE or BRONZE status. Please visit the Gishbus to determine your eligibility and to see which compartments you can access.

Wait! I’m not in one of those tiers yet! What can I do to get on the Gishbus?
There are a variety of ways you can earn additional Gishpoints right now. The easiest way is to register for gishwhes right now. If you are already registered, the next best way to gain gishpoints is to refer friends to join Gishwhes—invite them by going to your account page—if they accept, you get Gishpoints! You also gain points by adding additional people to your team. Look for announcements about even more ways to get points in the coming weeks.

What’s on the Gishbus?
We’re sorry. You must visit the Gishbus to find out.

Do I need to bring anything to access the Gishbus?
You must bring what’s listed below to access the Gishbus and it’s perimeter.
Approved Identification (drivers license, passport, or a grandparent that can vouch for who you are).
Gishwhes Username
Hair sample in a ziplock bag (no more than 23 strands and no less than 14 and no longer than 4 inches)
At least 1 sock.
Donation item – keep an eye on this page to see what can be donated at each stop! We will be visiting donation centers in each town.
A picture of the favorite submission you or your team has ever submitted for a gishwhes hunt.

If my tier qualifies for access, can I bring a guest?
Yes! As a prestigious member of our Gishpoint Club, we allow you to bring one esteemed guest to enjoy in Gishpoint membership benefits. There may be some initiation rites required for bus access but they will be in line and commensurate with other prestigious frequent gisher programs.

Gishbus List of Stops

Saturday, July 9th - 5-7pm - 911 N. Mills Ave. Orlando FL 32803
Benefit for Zebra Coalition Please bring donations from their needs list or Amazon wish list!

Friday, July 8th - 6-8pm - Atlanta - Wesley Chapel Animal Hospital, 4832 Covington Highway, Decatur, GA 30035
Parking is VERY limited in the lot, please park in one of the nearby lots and walk over so that we can save parking in the lot for disabled parking! Benefitting PAWS Atlanta - please bring items from their wish list: or their Critical Needs List: Please do not arrive at the Animal Hospital early, as they will be open until 6pm. (If you get there early, just sit tight until 6pm!)

Houston, TX Petsmart 2902S. Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77098
Sunday July 3, 2-4pm

We are in BURBANK June 19th! Come find us! - okay, fine, we're at Geeky Teas @ 707 South Main St. Burbank.
Come at 12PM to 2ish! June 19ths donation will be to the "Cats Meow Animal Rescue Center"! Donations you can bring are: Science Diet Cat Kitten Food Clumping Litter Gift Cards for Pet Stores Cat Toys KMR Milk Replacer