gishwhes glossary

Or, ‘What are all these words Misha keeps making up?’

Abnosome adjective | ab-no-som
  • deviating from the so-called ‘normal’ in a completely awesome way
  • extremely good in a completely, brilliantly, different (not “normal”) way
  • abnormally awesome
Pet name for Misha Collins lovingly bestowed upon him — and used solely — by William Shatner.

origin: July 2014, San Diego International Comic Con, during which Mr. Collins, with assistance from Random Acts volunteers, organised and personally handed out free coffee to the SDCC attendees camped out for Hall H entry while wearing a cupcake-adorned apron.

reference: How Misha Collins conquered Comic Con
Death 2 Normalcy
  • A guiding principle for life embraced — and encouraged in others — by Misha Collins.
  • A rallying cry of resistance against the so-called “normal”.

    “I want to live in a world where ‘normal’ is an insult.”
    ~ Misha Collins, Vancouver, 2013
Dinomite noun | di-no-mite

Part dinosaur, part mite : dino-mite

Emerging from the primordial soup a little later than his ancestors — or maybe it was just a hole in the ground - the Dinomite took his place as gishwhes mascot in March 2015. Short on arms, long on snout, with a somewhat irksome habit of tweeting in capitals, the Dinomite donned red undies and a cape to guide gishers through the hunt. The red undies make all the difference, we’re told.

Bestowing profound – though oft-unproven – wisdom (“Pet a dog and then whisper a dream of yours in their ear. If they lick your face, it will come true.“), what the Dinomite lacks in the sweetness of the former incumbent he makes up for in enthusiasm. And big teeth. Really big teeth.
Elopus noun | el-o-pus

Part elephant, part octopus : el-opus

Beloved, sweet and in desperate need of a self-esteem shot in the arm… er, tentacle… the mascot of the 2014 gishwhes event. Prone to the occasional mistake, her enthusiasm more than made up for any lack of skill. Particularly fond of using hashtags… really, really long hashtags.

Immortalised forever in gishwhes art in 2014, Elopus tragically lost a limb to, and was usurped by, her replacement, the voracious Dinomite in early 2015. Elopus was subsequently resurrected and is now happily active and hashtagging her merry way on Twitter: GishElopus
FEGVEP noun | feg-vep
Acronym : First Ever Gishwhes Volunteer Extraordinaire Program

Introduced in 2013, FEGVEP is a program which gives gishwhes volunteers the opportunity to assist with various activities associated with the annual hunt, such as reviewing gishwhes art entries for consideration in the gishwhes Hall of Fame (GHOF).

FEGVEP participants earn GISHPOINTS for activities completed.

Fograt noun | fog-rat

Part fog falcon, part rat : fog-rat

Manifested during the Creataceous Period from an essence of quark-gluon plasma, the first of the gishwhes mascots. Comparatively quiet and unassuming, Fograt set the standard all other mascots did not follow.

Consumed (literally) by the 2013 mascot-elect, Wooster, Fograt was subsequently regurgitated in early 2015 to take up his rightful place in future gish-adventures. Now on Twitter as @GishFograt, you can read the full history of this mascot trailblazer on the gishwhes website.

Frequent Gisher Program

A gishwhes loyalty program, shockingly voted "2014 - World's Most Prestigious Loyalty Program" by gishwhes. (Seriously, we were stunned.)

Program under which participants of gishwhes – Gishers – can earn points for their gishwhes entries or completing tasks assigned under FEGVEP. Volunteers who assist with gishwhes behind the scenes can also earn points.

Varying accumulated point values correspond to Frequent Gisher Tiers, starting at the low end with “Embyo” and increasing through “Vapor”, “Fungus”, “[REDACTED]” (of course), “Gold”, “Platinum to the current top tier of “******** Nirvana”.

Benefits of the Frequent Gisher Program will be announced as the program grows.

Or not.


Also see “Frequent Gisher Program”
GISHBOT noun | gish-bot

The official gishwhes website bot.

Manages the gishwhes website and actively monitors tumblr to ensure gishwhes participants do not break any of the gishwhes commandments or Rules and Regulations during hunt week.

With a very limited vocabulary comprised mostly of 1’s and 0’s, communication with GISHBOT can be challenging at the best of times, though thankfully his Tweets do tend to be in English. Or a sort of English.

Loved by many.

Tolerated — mostly — by Miss Jean Louis.
GishDrone noun | gish-drone

Some sort of drone thing that flies over — and monitors — the world of gishwhes.

Not officially affiliated with, nor endorsed by, gishwhes, however regularly Tweets in support of the event and its participants.
Gisher noun | gish-er

A person who participates in gishwhes.

See “Hunter”

Gishileaks noun | gish-e-leaks

Organization that reports — and makes up — news and events associated to gishwhes, its leader and participants.

Not officially affiliated with, nor endorsed by, gishwhes.
GISHOLARSHIP noun | gish-o-lar-ship
  • Sponsored entries into the annual gishwhes event. Gishers who join gishwhes each year have an opportunity during the registration process to gift a GISHOLARSHIP to one or more random Gishers who have signed up/requested sponsoring due to financial difficulties.
  • Good karma-inducing gishwhes product, gifting a Gisholarship will change someone’s life in a totally abnosome way.
GISHPOINT noun | gish-point

Points earned under the Frequent Gisher Program.
gishwhes noun | gish-wes (not gish-wishes – We have no idea what gish-wishes are.)
Acronym : Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen
  • An annual week-long scavenger hunt during which hunters — gishers — work together in small teams to complete the unique set of wild, amazing and kind tasks and challenges set by Misha Collins. Each task or challenge has a base point value, with post-hunt judging of photos/videos submitted by teams determining the number of points, and possible bonus points, allocated. At the end each hunt, the team with the most point wins the grand prize, which varies each year, but usually includes an all-expenses-paid trip to a unique destination and spending a day or two with the aforementioned Misha Collins.
  • A life-changing event.

gishwhes commandments

The guidelines of gishwhes that every Gisher must agree to abide by when participating in gishwhes.

Violation of any of the Commandments, or the Rules and Regulations of gishwhes, may result in disqualification of the individual and their gishwhes team.

The Commandments of gishwhes are subject to variation from year to year, week to week, hour to hour.

Basically they are subject to Misha Collins’ whim and whimsy.

The full list of Commandments can be found on the official gishwhes website.

gishwhes Hall of Fame (GHOF)

Home of the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen — gishwhes.

Submissions to the GHOF are selected by FEGVEPians, Misha Collins and the gishwhes Judges, deemed as they are to be the best of the best of gishwhes.

The GHOF has its home on the official gishwhes website.

gishwhes HQ

The Head Quarters of Misha Collins, Miss Jean Louis and others known and unknown who work tirelessly and abnosomely to plan and plot, devise and develop, scheme and dream — and then implement — the mischief, the magic, the madness and majestic-ness that is gishwhes. It’s purported to be in a bunker in Misha’s backyard.

It’s probably covered in [REDACTED].

With a bit of cheese.

Maybe some bacon.
GISHWHEShean noun | gish-wes-he-an

Archaic (except in some elevated or gishwhes-ecclesiastical prose), the original term assigned to (as noun) participants of the annual gishwhes event established by Misha Collins.

The word fell into disuse during 2014 when it became apparent that few people, including Mr. Collins, knew how to correctly spell it, let alone pronounce it. GISHBOT would also frequently overheat due to the number of binary characters. (Also damned hard to fit on a badge or label. Try it, you’ll know what we’re talking about.)
Guinness World Record
  • A record-breaking achievement as defined, judged and awarded by officials of the Guinness World Records. Guinness World Records may be the result of human achievement or the extremes of the natural world. Certificates are provided to winners and, where group efforts are involved, are made available to participants to purchase.
  • Something Misha Collins collects. He has several:
    • Largest Media Scavenger Hunt – 2011, 2012
    • Most Pledges to Complete a Random Act of Kindness – 2012
    • Longest Chain of Safety Pins – 2013
    • Largest Online Photo Album of Hugs – 2013
The hot rumor is Misha would like to add to his collection.

Hunt, the

The actual gishwhes scavenger hunt.

Currently held during the first or second week of August each year, The Hunt runs from Sunday to the following Saturday of the selected week, giving Gishers seven days to complete as many tasks and challenges as they can in the time allotted.
See “Gisher”

[REDACTED] noun | kay-el
  • A vegetable with green or purple leaves, in which the leaves do not form a head. Considered to be closer to wild cabbage (as opposed to tame cabbage which doesn’t go out drinking and partying all night).
  • A culinary favorite of Misha Collins.
  • An essential ingredient of every gishwhes, [REDACTED] often features in at least one of the tasks/challenges of every gishwhes event (see illustration).
Misha Collins
  • Actor, baker, candlestick maker (Though it has to be said, we’ve yet to see proof of that last one.)
  • Creator of gishwhes and author of the annual gishwhes hunt task list
  • Co-founder of Random Acts, the charity which gishwhes supports
Miss Jean Louis
  • Self-proclaimed Queen of gishwhes (and quite frankly, nobody is going to argue with her, not even Misha)
  • Advisor (a.k.a. “babysitter”) to Misha Collins
  • Wise, enigmatic and benevolent gishwhes guide and advisor. Also a little bit sassy. And totally abnosome.
  • Lover of art and artists, a.k.a. Gishers
Shatner clause noun | shat-ner clauuussse (like Santa, but no reindeer… that we’re aware of)

A gishwhes Commandment established to ensure maintenance of a level-playing field when “personalities” (eg. celebrities) with a significant social media presence participate in gishwhes. The Commandment states that should a team which includes one or more “personalities” wins gishwhes, then the highest scoring non-celebrity team will also be awarded the Grand Prize Trip.

Once both teams are ensconced at their Grand Prize Trip destination, the officials of gishwhes will likely encourage bickering, drama and general discord between the two teams. A nerf-gun or water balloon* fight will also be arranged, the winner of which will be crowned the “gishwhes GRAND MASTERS”.

The “Shatner clause” was first introduced during gishwhes 2014 upon the registration of William Shatner.

* Dry towels will not be supplied.
Wooster noun | woo-ster

Part wolf, part rooster : woo-ster

Seemingly tame in his wolf-puppy-like countenance, the mascot of the 2013 hunt. Attending to his duties like any good mascot, the Wooster developed a fondness for partying hard towards the latter days of his mascot tenure and was snapped by paparazzi late at night with companions of questionable reputation. He was also seen with Justin Bieber which likely had the greater negative impact on his use-by date.

Replaced by the innocent (dare we say sweetly naive?) Elopus, Wooster left the party scene for more than a year, recently bouncing back onto the gishwhes network and Tweeting away with his fellow former mascots.