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We wish we could do GISHWHES for free because your acts of art, compassion and insanity are an absolute inspiration to us, but we do have costs, including: an extraordinary Grand Prize; program, web, operating and administrative expenses; and substantial annual charitable donations. Each year, the 15 members of the Winning Team plus support staff are flown to an exotic locale - in the past it’s been Rome, Scotland, and British Columbia. This year the winning team will be flown to join Misha Collins and his spider monkey in a Costa Rican adventure of volcanos, rain forests and discotecking. Since GISHWHES was spawned half-baked from Misha’s mind, we have been the single largest supporter of Random Acts2, 501c3 (donating tens of thousands of dollars each year). We hope to keep all of this madness, art and generosity sustainable so we’ve designed multiple registration tiers1 that will enable everyone to participate.
(Items offered with registration will be delivered to you via courier pigeon when we open the GISHWHES Shwag Shwop or earlier. Please leave your window open a crack.)

    • This option is for people who really have trouble paying $18.89 so please don’t take up one of the spots unless you absolutely need the aid.
  • 1 None of these tiers are tax deductible.
    2 Staff members of Gishwhes serve on the Board of Directors of Random Acts and are in compliance with Random Acts’ conflict of Interest Policy.

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I understand that the projects, activities, items and challenges (“Activities”) related to the scavenger hunt called “GISHWHES” and/or “The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen” (“Scavenger Hunt”) managed by GISHWHES, LLC (“GISHWHES”), are suggested Activities presented with the understanding that the registered or unregistered users or participants (“Participants”) partaking in these Activities will do so at their own physical, legal and mental risk. This document is intended to release GISHWHES, to the maximum extent permitted by law, from any and all liability associated with my engaging in such Activities.

I recognize and understand that engaging in the Activities involves certain inherent risks, including but not limited to, the potential for death, serious physical injury, extreme emotional distress, mental or physical illness and property loss. I hereby acknowledge and agree that: (1) I am voluntarily engaging in the Activities, whether supervised or unsupervised, monitored or unmonitored by GISHWHES at my own risk and with full knowledge and appreciation of any and all physical, mental and legal dangers and risks inherent therein; and (2) any and all Activities detailed through materials, lists, challenges and directions provided by or made available through the GISHWHES are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and neither GISHWHES nor any other person or entity in connection with the Scavenger Hunt makes any warranty whatsoever as to the safety or effectiveness of any Activity that I undertake; and (3) GISHWHES is not responsible for any of the injuries, damages or loss ( financial or otherwise) that I may incur in connection with my participation in the Scavenger Hunt or engaging in any of the Activities.

I also recognize and understand that the GISHWHES does not intend for Participants to violate any laws, regulations or codes (national or international) in connection with the Activities. I hereby acknowledge and agree that: (1) I will abide by any and all applicable local, city, state, provincial and federal laws of my respective country and/or domicile when engaging in the Activities, and not expose myself or any other individual, whether participating in the Scavenger Hunt or not, to harm or danger of any kind; and (2) GISHWHES is not responsible for any violation of laws, regulations or codes with respect to the performance of the Activities, whether by myself or others.

I also recognize and understand that GISHWHES has not arranged for and does not carry any insurance of any kind for my benefit and that I will be solely responsible for obtaining and paying for any necessary medical, life, accident, automobile, property or other insurance relative to my participation in Scavenger Hunt.



If you’re accepted in the the Gisholarship Program, it means a GISHWHES participant chose to gift a Gisholarship to you. What better ‘thank you’ than to pass on this act of kindness. If you are gifted registration, what act of kindness will you pass on to someone?*

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