World Records!

GISHERS have a record of breaking things. Luckily world records are one of those things. In the last three years we've broken 5 Guinness World Records (one of them, "Largest Media Scavenger Hunt" twice!). We’re going to try to break a few more in 2014! If you’ve always wanted a Guinness World Record (and certificate) of your own, join the Hunt and help us break some!

gishwhes world record for largest media scavenger hunt 14,580 people

Go to the link below and click on “certificates” to order personalized Guinness certificates. We do not operate the GUINNESS certificate ordering website, nor are we connected at all to Guinness, so kindly communicate any or all questions to GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS and not to our support staff.

Largest Online Photo Album of “Hugs” (2013)

ID: 130723-1629; Code: vhan8424VH

Longest Chain of Safety Pins (2013)

ID: 131204-7583; Code: jsrp4299JS

Largest Media Scavenger Hunt (2012)

ID: 130607-766; Code: egeo2436EG

Most Pledges for a Campaign (2012)

ID: 130709-948; Code: xstl9182XS